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The Summer of Dabbling

I didn’t really plan it this way, but I spent the summer dabbling in a number of games. This left me without much coherent or valuable to say about them — but when did that ever stop me, anyway? I … Continue reading

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Life Gets in the Way

I swore I wasn’t going to write any kind of “sorry I haven’t been blogging” post. Turns out, I lied. Sorry I haven’t been blogging! Life and work got really busy for a while. I had an insanely busy summer … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Blizzard RealID

By and large, I concur with the RealID discussion at Habitat Chronicles. I don’t have a lot of value to add, really. Here are my thoughts! It’s scary. I’ve let my real name out, and it’s nearly impossible to fight … Continue reading

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Tiny Revolutions

The MMOGosphere is all atwitter about Star Wars: the Old Republic going microtransactional. Critique-geeks seem to have an obsession with naming and classifying things. Evolutionary? Revolutionary? That feature’s just an evolution of Game X yada yada. That’s a totally revolutionary … Continue reading

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Tweak and Geek Podcast #15

Today, we bring you Tweak and Geek Episode Fifteen — at least as controversial as gay marriage! We take the frightening move of going OFF SCRIPT, then come back to Earth to talk about office and cube culture.

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WorldIVcast October 19 2008

It was a pretty slow news week, with a couple of big stories getting a lot of discussion.

WoW 3.0.2 patch – Inscription tradeskill, super-easy raid mobs, lots of class tweaks, and more. Sony delays LittleBigPlanet due to Qu’ran … Continue reading

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We Love the Sound of our own Voices

Time to rile folks up more. We think Bartle was right, and said so in comments on the last post. But, lest ye frontpage-only folks never see our pithiness, here are some highlights, edited just a touch. Quoth Tuebit: Part … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee 6/24/08

Just in from my morning run. That’s the thing where you put your feet on the ground, one after another, in a rapid rotation. And then you come back and feel awesome. Or at least, so I’m told. I tend … Continue reading

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