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Musings on WAR

Well, here’s the problem with talking about WAR. I just don’t play it much. Like, it’s a good game. It has balance and bug issues, but we’ve accepted that as part of the MMORPG genre (for now). I think it’s … Continue reading

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We Love the Sound of our own Voices

Time to rile folks up more. We think Bartle was right, and said so in comments on the last post. But, lest ye frontpage-only folks never see our pithiness, here are some highlights, edited just a touch. Quoth Tuebit: Part … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee 6/24/08

Just in from my morning run. That’s the thing where you put your feet on the ground, one after another, in a rapid rotation. And then you come back and feel awesome. Or at least, so I’m told. I tend … Continue reading

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