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SOPA on a Ropa

The US Congress is going to vote on SOPA/PIPA. Don’t just read about it. At the very least, go sign a petition. But I’m not going to shut down this site in protest, because inconveniencing 4 readers isn’t going to … Continue reading

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FotN: Efficiency in Journalism

Reuters sure gets to the point Yup, that was the full article text. Glad it was edited after authoring, though. EDIT: They seem to have expanded the text sometime after I took that screenshot. I’m still amused, though. EDIT 2: … Continue reading

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Tweak and Geek Podcast #15

Today, we bring you Tweak and Geek Episode Fifteen — at least as controversial as gay marriage! We take the frightening move of going OFF SCRIPT, then come back to Earth to talk about office and cube culture.

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