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Morning Coffee 6/24/08

Just in from my morning run. That’s the thing where you put your feet on the ground, one after another, in a rapid rotation. And then you come back and feel awesome. Or at least, so I’m told. I tend … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee 6/20/08

Morning! It’s amusing, in a bleak way, to read a Tweetstream of getting laid off at Yahoo! online. It’s eerily like my own layoff experiences, except that mine were quick and surgical — under 2 hours from Boss: Do you … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee 6/18/08

This morning, I find my del.icio.us and billions of RSS feeds lighting up with some gems. DUH! Spore Trial! Behold the evolution (er, and the exit-of-the-evolution-tool) of the mighty Tachebug. Get the Flash Player to see this player. Yeah! Boston … Continue reading

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