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Island Life

Taymar has a very nice post up about Island Life, a new game on Facebook, developed by the great folks at Metaplace (and our very own Tachevert too!). Congratulations on a successful launch!

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Metaplace Virtual Worlds and Remote Embedding

As posted on Raph’s blog today, Metaplace has officially released support for remote embedding of worlds. Embedding a Metaplace world on any web site (including a blog) is now nearly as simple as embedding a Youtube video. With some assistance … Continue reading

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Surprisingly, Making Games is Hard Work

Ever wonder what it’s like to develop videogame content? Here’s a case study about developing a couple of features from “empty page” to “live.” About the Second Metaplace Game Jam Metaplace held a second Game Jam several weeks ago. As … Continue reading

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Metaplace Game Jam

Over at Metaplace, we’re doing a Game Jam for the afternoon. Follow our progress live on Twitter. EDIT: Tachevert, 2/13 Phew, they made a couple of screenshots public, so I can link ’em too! Here’s some of my handiwork.

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Curious about Metaplace?

As Tweeted on the official Metaplace Twitter feed, there is a limited-use beta key available. Go to www.metaplace.com and enter the key MPWELCOME to join the beta program for this virtual world project helmed by industry veterans such as company … Continue reading

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March of Virtual Worlds

I had no idea that the World of Virtual Worlds had such high population. The video below by Gary Hayes (via kfsone) presents a march of video snippets from more than 50 virtual worlds (supposedly, I didn’t count). Very interesting. … Continue reading

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Moving to Metaplace

Hey Patrick, How strong is your javascript, and do you know PHP? I’m not sure you’d be qualified for our content developer position, but you may be qualified for our web developer position. That’s not the most promising response to … Continue reading

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Metaplace Update and Comic-Con

Over at the Metaplace Developer Blog, there are some highlights from a recent visit of some alpha testers, and a few more pictures of the infamous Surfing Sunday. And while I’m shamelessly self-promoting (because damn, I’m in a lot of … Continue reading

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