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The Joy of Cheating

I recently finished the Master Scholar Quest in LotRO for an alt. This was the last quest gating completion of Scholar crafting up until Supreme Master Scholar. I had carefully wound my way from Esteldin across Nan Amlug towards the … Continue reading

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WorldIVcast October 11 2008

In yet another mixed-media experiment that may or may not succeed, we bring you the WorldIVcast podcast. Let us know what you think — if it goes well, this will become a regular feature.

Tobold covers episodic paid Starcraft … Continue reading

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Teach a MMO to fish …

I find fishing in LotRO to be so incredibly boring that it warps around the continuum to become interesting. Tuebit’s Summary of Fishing in LotRO: Cast: Press Alt+2 (for me). Wait for signal (rod wiggles). Reel: Press Alt+2. See worthless … Continue reading

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Music of the Ring

Turbine has released the music of Lord of the Rings in mp3 format, via their proprietary download Manager. Details here. This is welcome news for those of us who were short-sighted (or perhaps cynical) enough not to have purchased the … Continue reading

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Missing Persons in Michael Delving

20th of Wedmath, Year 3001 of the 3rd Age, Michael Delving. Daisy Brockhouse of Michael Delving was reported missing yesterday after she failed to return from a game of Hiders and Seekers. The Seeker, Rollo Newbuck, is not considered a … Continue reading

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A Determined Rant

1 It’s not that I intend to pick on LotRO. It’s a fine game. The pinnacle of mediocracy (I mean that in a good way, honest). But as I play, I sure can’t help but think, “Wouldn’t that be better … Continue reading

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