About WorldIV

What was all this about?

Sometime in February 2005 a group of friends (friends made in-MMO) began chatting (also in-MMO) about their desire to try to build a game. On our super-secret forums, we’ve been discussing such questions as choice of genre, lore, game mechanics, theories of human motivation and the essense of what is fun. We’ve arrived at no firm answers!

Things were slow going. Time and skill are limited: we each must still earn a living, and we’re all new to game development. But it was fun, from April 2006 on.

What is it all about now?

Times have changed as of October 2012. As they might say in The Dark Tower, “the world has moved on.” MMORPGs are still a hobby, but not one any of us seems to have quite enough time for these days. Then again, other interests have popped up. We still play games, but we’ve also moved in to occupy new digs in several categories of “nerd makers” and the like. We’re still narcissistic and egotistical enough to blog about it, too!

Here we’ll post (however infrequently) on our progress, musings and occasionally commentary on interesting posts from elsewhere. We invite you participate as well. Give us your thoughts. Give us praise or criticism. Give us things to think about. We’ll try to do the same for you.

It is our hope to record our progress in this experiment for posterity (or at least as long as we keep up payments on the site) …. to perhaps make some new friends … and perchance gain some notoriety! Mostly, it is our hope that our guests (you!) enjoy their time here.

Tachevert, Tuebit and the rest.

Disclaimer: This blog is our personal, private ideas, concepts, and ramblings. We often don’t even agree with each other about what we write! So this should go without saying, but due to paranoia, we’ll say it anyway: nothing on here reflects the views or ideas of our respective employers.