Star Wars: The Old Republic of Awesomeness

This video from the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website has me so excited for the game. I haven’t been looking forward to something like this in entertainment for a really, really long time. How excited am I? I’m so excited that I’ve already signed up on their forums, with my real email address and all. I consider this to be as important as personal emails from friends.

So what are we supposed to call this game anyway? How does SWTOR sound? Sweater, Swat-or? I don’t care. I’m just looking forward to this game. I’m even okay with the wait because I really think BioWare won’t let me down and it will be worth it.

By the way, BioWare. I’d still consider leaving my job in San Diego and moving to Austin to come to work for you. Tachevert would understand.

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