CHANGE has come …

Change has come to WORLDIV

You may have noticed a few changes here at WorldIV. It’s part of a project to re-focus. As time permits, we’ll introduce changes in theme and content over the coming weeks.

The biggest change you’ll see (eventually) will be article focus. We’ve tended to post on a broad range of topics: geek culture, games, MMO’s, science and software development. The net result was that WorldIV wandered away from its original purpose of exploring aspects of MMO design and development. Going forward we’ll sharpen our focus. This might mean fewer articles. We hope, however, you’ll appreciate the higher signal to noise ratio.

Some site feature changes have already been undertaken. You’ll notice far fewer categories in the column to the right. We’ve hand selected core categories to emphasize. All the old categories remain and are available in a drop down.

Not ones to let progress overtake us … we’ve added a Twitter feed. We’ll share interesting links and profound (at least in our own minds) thoughts there. Our Tweets are likely to stray to broader topics.

Our blog roll is now much shorter. For two years now, we’ve had a long (a very long) blog roll. It was our half-hearted attempt at public service – a relatively inclusive list of blogs and sites for those wishing to explore MMO gaming. Unfortunately, the Internet is made of powdery stuff that floats around with the wind. Maintaining a long list is a time consuming challenge. Beside, there are much better places to find more inclusive site lists.

Trimming the list was truly agonizing. We used the following factors to select links: #1 You wrote regularly. #2 We read you regularly. #3 Your topics were tightly focused on MMO and often included discussion of MMO design, development or business topics. #3 You were kind enough to include a link to us in your blogroll (after all, blogging is still about community). In some cases, we bent the rules to include a special site. Our apologies to any site removed. Through many trials and much tribulation, we have succeeded in getting the list to a mere (ha!) 30 sites. It is a sort of special shout-out to some of the top sites we’re currently reading.

That said, just because a site doesn’t appear on the Blog Roll does not mean that we don’t read it. We read many many more sites. You can see (and even subscribe to a shared aggregate RSS feed of the sites we read) on the page ‘WorldIV Blogroll’. WorldIV also maintains a Google custom search that attempts to index a wide variety of MMO related blogs, sites and forums. You can find the custom search on the page ‘MMOG Blog Search’. If you would like to suggest blogs (or sites) for inclusion in either our RSS feed or the custom search, leave a comment or send an email (tuebit aht worldiv dawt com).

Lastly we’d like to invite our readers to advise us as we refocus. Tell us what you like and what you don’t. Have you discovered some great truth writing on your own blog? Please leave us a message — there is always more to learn. Want to hear more about a specific topic (or less)? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Feel free to comment here, or email tuebit at tuebit aht worldiv dawt com or tachevert via tachevert aaaat worldiv doht com.

– Tuebit and Tachevert

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