Are You Happy?

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When I first began playing UO I was thrilled. Then there was the long lull. I tried AO and couldn’t get into it. I tried EverCrack: it wasn’t for me. DaoC: not my cup of tea (although, I should have stuck through the long grind to get through to the end game).

Then there was SWG. Say what you might about its design and quality, my group of friends loved it. Then, another long lull. I’ve tried various MMO. I still have my subscription to LotRO, but I rarely play. I’ve tried the free-to-play games. I’ve stuck with Nile Online for a bit. But no game calls to me at present.

Many of my friends who once were avid MMOers report a similar lack of interest currently. And this despite there being literally hundreds of online multi-player persistent worlds. It doesn’t feel like a Golden Age of Innovation. It feels more like the Industrial Revolution: dirty, hazy and replete with mass produced crap.

Are you happy with your online gaming today? Tell us where you’re at today with MMO gaming.

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