How Much Blockquote is Too Much Blockquote?

The New York Times is being sued for aggregating and posting headlines, first-line summary, and links to stories from other news sites. While this is just a suit, and the question is nowhere near settled, it brings up an interesting question: When have you crossed the line between aggregation, commentary, and republishing? It’s an interesting question for the blogosphere, where a lot of the very best content is exactly that — you quote someone’s blog, add your two cents, and then the process repeats itself. “Joe said XYZ on forum ABC. Bob said 123 on his blog, and I think e^-pi*i!” I’m certainly not above quoting a sentence… or three… or a couple of paragraphs, depending on how much it takes to start an informed discussion.

So, what’s the line? A screen? Two? A whole post? What if it was a one-liner?

My Inner Cynic believes that you’ve crossed the line at any point where you might be willing to settle out-of-court for Teh Bling$$$

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