Real Problems, Virtual Solutions

As seen on /., h+ Magazine has published an article, “Turning Work into Play with Online Games”, wherein Dr. Byron Reeves, a professor at Stanford University, relates how elements of MMORPG’s may have value in solving real-world business problems.

“Byron Reeves’ research suggests that online gaming can provide workplace benefits well beyond e-learning. He took the form of an avatar recently for Professor Robert Bloomfield’s popular Metanomics series in Second Life to talk about game design and corporate pain points, the use of virtual currencies to help employees set goals, participant-driven communication skills to facilitate team-building, and leadership”

“I think I could imagine things that I could put on my résumé that, even right today, would be useful in applying to a job at Accenture or at IBM, at very substantial places,”

It’s an especially interesting article for me, as many of the cited benefits are relevant to Organizational Behavior (a new found interest of mine).

That said, I’m not sure I’d put my in-game experience on my resume. Would you?

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