I R > U

So SW:TOR might be going microtransaction.

Let me tell you how microtransactions ruined my game. I pay my $15.00 per month and for that I get the right to work my ass off to achieve. I shouldn’t have to pay more money. Fucking expansions are bad enough. And now my game just went microtransaction.

It’s like net neutrality, dude. There should be a law, like: “Thou shalt not grant preferential treatment in exchange for extra payment”. I’m gonna get on the forums right now and start a petition.

My neighbour plays too and I talked the petition over with him and he told me, “Don’t be a commie”. He said some shit about “everybody knows some proletariat are always more equal than others.”

“It’s the moral thing, you bourgeoisie tard,” I told him, but he didn’t seem to grasp the argument. Thankfully, it looks like a lot of people do understand. Fight the power!

Anyway, here’s my story after the break.

Armor of InphinityI’ve been playing “World of Wackjob: The Institution”. I’ve catassed 7,800 hours over 21/2 years. Finally I’ve collected all the pieces of the Armour of Inphinity. First on my server to get the whole set! I am da shitz!

I did the winner dance all over that rich neighbour kid. Then, next week he had the exact same armor: the rich snot begged his mommy till she bought it for him.

Fucking corporate suits. How could they start selling game items. I earned my armor. Then they let any shit whose parents work just go and buy it.

I told my neighbour he was a loser. “Fucking loser, begging your mom to buy shit for you. l2p.”

The smartass replied with something about “wasting all that time playing when I could have just gotten a McJob.” The idiot doesn’t understand. It’s all about the achievement.

Listen up Game Designer nubs. Allowing real money purchase of major items is GAME BREAKING. RMT devalues the game for everyone.

It’s like this …

Everybody knows only winners have fun in life. Therefore, to have fun in game, I have to be a winner. What makes someone a winner? If you have to ask, you ain’t one. Everybody knows who the winners are. Therefore, to have fun in game, everybody has to know how much of a winner I am.

I need a symbol that demonstrates just how great I am. Objective standards are required in order to prop up the heirarchy. Difficult tasks must be accomplished. That means I must win and you must fail.

It’s all relative you see. My fun depends on you being a loser. More importantly, my fun depends on everyone knowing how awesome I am, and how much of a tard you are.

In a PvP game, we wouldn’t have ub3r l3wt. Winners like me would get to teabag your corpse and take all your stuff. But World of Wackjob is a PvE game so we use gear to demonstrate who is the best.

And that’s why RMT and microtransaction shit wrecks a game. Even healing pots shouldn’t be for sale. They make it easier to run the raids and get the good g3ar. You should have to put in the time and farm pots like everyone else. Buying pots cheapens it for everyone.

We might as well open the doors to anabolic roids in the olympics.

Some of my guild mates say that fluff purchases would be ok — like a fancy hat, a new dye job on the armor. Epic Fail!

I worked hard to get the complete collection of neon glowing pillars for the Snoezelen Room in my house. They’re only dropped 1 in 10 times by the final boss psych mob at the end of this top tier instance. When you visit my house, the glowing pillars help you to understand how awesome I am and how much of a casual carebear teacup you are.

Now that anybody can just take an extra shift at Walmart and buy them, it cheapens the whole game for everyone. Next thing you know they’ll be selling rezzes so you don’t have to do a corpse run … like a $0.25 or something every time you fucking die.

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