Musings on WAR

Well, here’s the problem with talking about WAR. I just don’t play it much.

Like, it’s a good game. It has balance and bug issues, but we’ve accepted that as part of the MMORPG genre (for now). I think it’s probably even “better” than WoW, which I have played maniacally at times. And when I log in, it’s really fun.

But I find myself not pressing that “log in” button.

Since I’m sorta a game designer now, I think I’m supposed to be able to speak quantitatively about this. I could talk about the weak atoms and the missing fiero or stuff like that. But I don’t think that’s the problem. From a technical and a design perspective, things are “pretty good.” Issues like “lack of population makes public quests difficult” are, at their worst, just excluding some of the new stuff — my inability to do PQs certainly isn’t preventing that XP bar from moving. So, what’s wrong?

It’s me, not WAR. I just can’t gear my brain up for the timesink of filling 40 bars of XP. I’m not sure I’m excited to try out WotLK, either. Have I broken myself on the entire genre? Scary thought.

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