Character Creation Stats

The Daedalus Project has some statistics on character creation in MMORPGs that are worth a read. The motivations that drive the top 2/3 of character creation, according to this study, are:

  • Class Type (20%) – Players in this category have a certain class type they prefer and will always go for that type when it is available.
  • Class Abilities (17%) – Players in this category look for particular aspects of character classes that are often independent of class types. This may be the most overpowered class, the class that is most challenging to play, or the class with the most crowd control abilities. In a sense, these players are trying to maximize for a factor that is sometimes but not necessarily tied to particular classes.
  • Race Aesthetic (11%) – Players in this category look through the available races and pick the race that most interests them as their first decision.
  • Game-Play Factors (10%) – Players in this category are trying to optimize for a game-play factor, whether it is soloability, utility in groups, end-game utility, etc.
  • Class Research (7%) – Players in this category have no preference for class types or class abilities, but they base their character creation primarily on choosing a class. So they first read through all the class descriptions and then pick the one that most interests them.

Interesting stuff. I typically go with either “what does my guild need” (is that Game-Play Factors?) or “what haven’t I done recently” (which I guess is a weird variant on Class Type). Or did I break this mold? Booyah! Alas, I always thought of character creation as a much deeper process than just selecting a class, but that’s a thought for a followup post.

What motivates you when picking a character class to play?

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