WorldIVcast October 11 2008

In yet another mixed-media experiment that may or may not succeed, we bring you the WorldIVcast podcast. Let us know what you think — if it goes well, this will become a regular feature.


Tobold covers episodic paid Starcraft 2 releases and I cancel my preorder…
Diablo 3 wizard footage looks awesome.
Daedalus project has new data.
Jay Barnson and his Frayed Knights RPG project have won the MyDreamRPG contest! interviews Raph Koster about Metaplace.
LotRO’s Mines of Moria Expansion release date is announced!
Hello Kitty Online announces Founder’s Beta program.

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A cofounder of and full-time geek, Tachevert writes about whatever strikes his fancy. Despite the inherent contradiction, he can often be found videogaming or attempting to run.
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