Ryzom Returns

Gamershell reports that Ryzom has been rez’d. Apparently, the game servers are now open for all who formerly had an account (even a free trial account). That said, I haven’t yet tried logging in yet.

A Tryker in Ryzom

Despite the fact that the game was a little rough around the edges, I liked it. It had a unique styling, some novel game mechanics, a heavy crafting element and a healthy dose of what felt like old school MMO. Hard to explain, but it was there.

Previously, I only had the opportunity to play the trial account before the game fell upon hard times. One aspect I didn’t get to try was “the Ryzom Ring” … a facility to design your own encounters (as I understand it).

I look forward to loading this title up again … even subscribing for a bit … or micro-paying … whatever the model turns out to be.

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