Comic Con Super Short Roundup

Comic Con 08 was almost everything I’d been led to believe. Grown adults doing cosplay, a barrage of multimedia, and a squirming mass of people EVERYWHERE. It was fun but exhausting — 5 hours and I was completely fried. Read on for some impressions.

Crazy Exhibit Hall

I managed to get into the tail end of a session on Stargate Worlds, and then stayed for Stargate Atlantis (OMGWTF, they started the season two weeks ago???). I don’t know who was funnier, Jewel Staite..

Q: What’s different about this show and other shows you’ve worked on?
A: This one didn’t get cancelled.

… or Robert Picardo…

“I think the aging, balding male hero demographic is underrepresented.”

After these sessions, I lurked around the exhibit hall, bought some souvenirs, and met a few people! I dropped by Penny Arcade and had a brief chat with them, wandered the hall looking for some gifts for friends, checked out some of the game demos (getting unexpectedly excited for the upcoming DC comics MMO in the process), and got a few introductions by virtue of running into Raph Koster and tailing him for a bit. (Sadly, now that I’ve met John Smedley, I find him quite likeable and retract some of my more hideous plans for NGE revenge.)

And if that wasn’t cool enough, I also got to meet Peter Mayhew — the mighty Chewbacca himself! Note the normal-sized people at the sides of this photo. (Costumed Chewbacca is, of course, some random attendee.)


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