I need to shut my motor mouth more often.

It was less than 2 weeks ago when Tachevert and I were discussing gaming now – in the beautifully animated and kill your graphics card time of the online MMORPG – versus text based MUD style from the time before I gamed. I made an unfortunate statement that I knew I’d regret down the road. (I always do!) I said that players, like me, had been too spoiled by stunning visuals and probably couldn’t appreciate a game like a MUD. Maybe the fact that we had our game world illustrated for us prevented us from flexing our imaginations to create a picture in our mind’s eye. I acknowledged that it was a shame but a post-modern girl like me just didn’t get the MUD thing.

Then I got a Facebook request to add the application “Battle of the Bands.”

Battle of the Bands on Facebook

A new obsession has been born. My band, Interstellar Mongeese is now Level 18 and rising. The game is simple. You create a band by giving it a name and spending your pools of points (money to buy stuff, energy to learn or play, confidence and stamina to face off with another band) to advance in rank. The game doesn’t animate or swirl or sparkle. There’s some graphics of the gear you can buy and the different gigs you can play. But when you battle, you only see the results – how your band stacked up against the one you went head to head with.

Battling bands!

In our post-Guitar Hero, Rock Band household maybe bands battling it out was just the relatable instrument to make me eat crow. I find myself picking battles with bands throughout the day. Generally, if a band has a stupid name and I think I can probably beat them – they are going down! I admit – Juke Box Hero by Foreigner rings through my head as I stomp the rock star dreams of my peers. I’ve played enough gigs on cruise ships to afford some sweet gear, after all.

But as usual I’ve learned something. I’ve learned that I should never speak so quickly – or maybe I should refrain from making my crazy blanket statements. I’m definitely not comparing this game with a MUD. I totally get that MUDs are way more in-depth than I can probably ever comprehend. I’ve just learned that I don’t need gorgeous graphics to appreciate a game. I played the game Labyrinth on the Commodore 64 back in the day. The part BEFORE you go to the Labyrinth world was all in text and it had you navigating yourself to the movie theater. I loved that part of the game and it’s the first thing I think of when I reminisce on it. I guess I really don’t need fancy graphics to be a satisfied gamer, I just need something to hook me in. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to play a gig in the Big Easy to afford a new guitar for my band.

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