Morning Coffee 6/24/08

Just in from my morning run. That’s the thing where you put your feet on the ground, one after another, in a rapid rotation. And then you come back and feel awesome. Or at least, so I’m told. I tend to roam about looking and sounding like an asthmatic dancing bear, and then feel awful for an hour, and hurt for the rest of the day. But I’m assured that it gets better.

I bet they’re all lying about that.

Today, I checked out a friend’s D&D 4th edition blog to get some impressions of the game. I’ve picked up the DM guide, because it has some general application to game design. Not sure if I’ll bother with the Player’s Handbook, which is the book containing the actual rules. We’ll see.

Via PMOG (web surfing, now with a level grind and traps!), I stumbled across Google Mobile — text-message GOOGLE and get search results.

I’ve been watching (with the same dirty glee I get from catfights on that apocalyptic Tila Tequila show) the blogosphere buzz about Michael Zenke’s interview of Richard Bartle. The fans defending. The foes attacking. And since I’m still bereft of my morning coffee, and therefore bitchy, I’ll give my unsolicited opinion. Bartle is right. WAR is WoW all over again. So is EVERY OTHER GOD DAMNED AAA MMO. There, I said it. We still live in the land of Diku, loot, and grind. Not one AAA MMORPG I can remember has seriously advanced the art. FFS, we had worldy user-built stuff as far back as the MUSH days (yes, yes, they weren’t really games, now shush, I’m ranting). Besides, everyone in the US — imagine Monty Python reading Bartle’s speech. (With apologies to Dr. Bartle, who professed disliking Monty Python and their habit of cutting off, rather than ending, skits.) See? It’s offbeat British humor in that tone of voice, now isn’t it? “I already played WAR; it was called World of Warcraft” is what reasonablepeople often refer to as “hyperbole.” For instance, if I say “everyone who is getting worked up about Bartle needs to move out of Mom’s basement and put down the WoWcrackpipe,” I don’t ACTUALLY mean that all those folks live in their mothers’ basements, or indeed, that there’s anything wrong with living in one’s mother’s basement. It’s a quick way to arouse interest and/or ire to get a point across. Besides, everyone who is getting worked up about Bartle needs to move out of Mom’s basement and put down the WoWcrackpipe.

Phew, I need some coffee.

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