Morning Coffee 6/20/08


It’s amusing, in a bleak way, to read a Tweetstream of getting laid off at Yahoo! online. It’s eerily like my own layoff experiences, except that mine were quick and surgical — under 2 hours from Boss: Do you have a minute? to flopping on the couch, ‘faced on Carlo Rossi. Spoiler: both of these stories end in alcohol! And it sounds like things are going well for the dude, from digging down to his personal blog.

While we’re on the whole Yahoo! topic… I’m toying with a Digg-alike running on the open-source Pligg platform. In so doing, I’m attempting to run our massive blogroll feed (the one Tuebit manfully maintains, month after month — thanks, bro!) through Yahoo! Pipes to generate a semi-automated RSS feed for the poor thing. Name the operation, and you can do it — feed, filter, mangle, string manipulation, regexp, share…

Rampant Coyote talks about some favorite videogame deaths and all I have to say is, I concur on his opinion of X-Com alien targeting algorithms. Sure. Shoot the guy with the primed grenade. I think ‘nading my whole squad is AWESOME. He didn’t discuss how afterwards, half your squad would panic and shoot at anything that moves, including their panicking squadmates. What a great game that was.

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