Missing Persons in Michael Delving

20th of Wedmath, Year 3001 of the 3rd Age, Michael Delving.

Daisy Brockhouse of Michael Delving was reported missing yesterday after she failed to return from a game of Hiders and Seekers. The Seeker, Rollo Newbuck, is not considered a suspect.

At a press conference this morning, 2nd Shirrif Bodo Bunce said only that “At this point Rollo is certainly considered a person of interest. We encourage him to co-operate fully with the investigation.”

Rollo Newbuck -- Person of Interest

While no Hobbit would speak openly on the subject, many whisper about dark possibilities. A well known intolerance for pork among the young is thought to be behind the rumour that Hobbits, in fact, consume their own dead. Some citizens quietly speculate that it’s only a short journey and a bare cupboard from this secret funerary right to murder and cannibalism.

Thus far, local Hobbits have been unwilling to come forward with information relevant to the investigation.

Local Hobbits Unhelpful

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