The (virtual) hills are alive … with the sound of music.

On the FoH forums, someone posted a link to AO music, citing the game as having “… some of the finest music out there… ” Nearly 7 years later, I still remember loving the music. A subsequent poster included a link to an online collection of AO music.

Have a listen to the Ark Theme. Great stuff.

Of course, this triggered an extended search for game music from all the great MMO.

First stop was UO. UO’s music wasn’t perhaps blessed with great production value, but it was all of iconic, memorable, and beautiful.

DDO released their soundtrack for download. It’s all good. I didn’t play DDO long enough to really come to appreciate how well the music fit the game. But in listening to it now, I can’t say that it really says D&D to me, not that I’m really sure what music would. I do like the ‘Tavern Rock’ series.

WoW released a special player for its sound track, available here. The WoW music is great. Despite my distaste for the game, the music does a great job of expressing a world of swords and sorcery.

LotRO‘s music is all bound up in a .dat file (anyone know how to extract it?). It was released as a CD as part of the Deluxe Edition, which, unfortunately, I didn’t buy (dang!). Online, it can be found at Game Music Juke Box.

As you may know, LotRO is my current favourite game to rant-on. Somehow, when I play the game, the music sinks into the background. I don’t notice it. This is in contrast to other games (AO / UO) where the music seemed, to me, much more prominent. Had you asked me yesterday, before I began researching this, whether I liked the music in LotRO, I would have said, “What music?”. That said, now that I listen to it on its own, it rocks! Very well produced.

Update: LotRO has released it’s music in MP3 format. Details here.

Another game that one would assume has great music, but the music of which I have zero recollection of, is SWG. Again, the music somehow slips into the background. Tachevert once assured me that the music was awesome. I’ll take his word for it.

Unfortunately, I utterly failed to find an online source for the SWG soundtrack. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ll have to go re-install the game and see if it’s in an easily accessible format.

The music for EQII appears to be easily accessible as MP3’s in the install directory! If you don’t have it installed, it’s down-loadable here. I’ve only listened to a small portion of it, thus far, and so can’t really comment.

I have been itching to play Eve Online (but have not yet done so). The soundtrack for Eve is available here. Some of it is quite beautiful. Again, I haven’t listened to it all yet.

I’m quite excited for the future of MMO soundtracks. FunCom (makers of AO, and the soon-to-be-released AoC) seem to value great music, and what they’ve released so far seems good. Not many games do voices in their score (I think that last link is from a trailer … I’ve no idea if it made it into the game … but it should have!)

As far as favourite goes, I’d say it’s a toss-up between Anarchy Online and Lord of the Rings Online. Special mention goes to Ultima Online : eight years later and still a memorable score.

As far as upcoming MMO, it’s gotta be Age of Conan. Although, I really haven’t been following that many games.

Anyone else got links to MMO soundtracks? What’s your favourite?

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