Hello … HELLLOOO … Is this thing on?

A while back we added the Meebo widget to the site, to allow you, our loyal readers, to chat with us. No one showed up! I blame poor color choice. Whatever.

Windows Live Messenger, or whatever they’re calling it these days, now supports a web-site plug-in allowing chatter. Customization options seem limited. It’s not very “visitor” friendly. All chat sessions require a CAPTCHA, which is a little annoying. And it doesn’t seem to work with Trillian 3.1 Basic … you have to actually sign into Windows Messenger widget. Oh, and messages are displayed in a pop-up web-page, rather than the usual IM interface.

So I’m not thrilled. It’s still in beta, so maybe they’ll improve.

By way of a trial, here goes. LIMITED TIME OFFER. Chat with Tuebit!

If you want to add this to your own site, look here.

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