Creative Block

Lately, I haven’t been able to get inspired. Not to blog, and not to work on the game. That’s right, I’m suffering from Creative Block. Well, maybe complaining publicly will exorcise the demons.

Creative Block
A creative block… of C#! Get it? It’s painting! AH HA HA HA HA! Uhh… anyway…

Game Coding

BLAH! So, I haven’t abandoned WorldIV or anything — but I seem unable to produce. My year’s goal is still to produce a single-player RPG of some limited scope, but I have to admit that 2 months after kicking off that effort, I have very little to show. I got stymied at a very early stage, as I am still trying to get the hang of XNA and TorqueX… When I couldn’t get a simple “launch the game” style menu working, I ran out of steam for the time being… So I’m scaling back again; for starters, I’m going to pick one small piece of the game and see about making it playable. (Right now, I’m thinking crafting…)


Out with the old, in with the new… and the old. I can’t work up much enthusiasm for playing games lately, but I still log in to LotRO and CoH on occasion. WoW has been deactivated for now — it was great fun while my friends were playing, but as we all fell out to other games, it lost its charm. LotRO is very very good; it’s not you, it’s me. If I’m going to piddle hours of my time into something, I feel like it ought to be at least vaguely productive.

Something in the way. I got into all sorts of creative stuff young, but it really always comes back to this: I wanted to be a writer. (Sure, blogging is writing — but I meant becoming a novelist.) And when a new creative idea takes root, I have a hard time getting back to the first task. Realistically, I know there’s no chance that I’ll focus on writing a story for long enough to complete the novel-sized steampunk soap opera that keeps intruding when I’m trying to focus on code… But it’s there, and I’m stuck (for now). This is probably the single worst factor!

Work, work. It sounds trite, but it’s a factor. After a long day of coding, I can honestly say that I often don’t relish the idea of more coding. (This, of course, comes and goes — once past the current crunch, I’m sure I’ll regain a touch of enthusiasm.)

Here, there and everywhere. This is the Year of Too Many Friends Marrying. For some reason, travel (even staying within a time zone) throws my schedule off, badly. I’ll be gone again next week. I’m sure it’ll take a few days to readjust after that, so I’m planning on being unproductive within a week of July 4th…

I’m feeling better!

These periods of poor personal productivity come and go. Any kind of hobby-work is inevitably going to come second to some other energy sinks. I have no magic methods that are guaranteed to discharge the blahs. But plenty of things help… Digging through old, fondly-remembered games, CDs, movies, and books will usually eventually recharge the batteries. A couple of good rounds of tennis usually do the trick (alas, not in 90-degree southern weather). A night of moderate-to-hefty drinking often sounds like a good plan, but I’ve known it to backfire more often than succeed. What methods do you find help to reinvigorate those hobbies, and get those creative juices flowing?

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