If LOST were an MMO…

If LOST were an MMO and you were playing one of the survivors, you’d probably interact with these archetype team/group members:


The Single-Minded One (JOHN LOCKE) He’s taken a quick look at the mission text and he thinks he knows the answer. He’s not even trying to let you know where he’s run off to. He also has no respect for strategy and just tried to DPS everything he sees even if he’s the tank and the DPS classes as turning up as corpses. He says it’s all for the good of the mission, besides, you can rez.

The Reluctant Leader (JACK SHEPHERD) Someone handed him the star and he didn’t ask for it. But he’s doing the best he can. He does a respectable amount of damage and his strategy is easy enough to follow. But then he gets really upset after a party wipe. He requires a certain amount of coddling to keep him happy.

The Hot Girl (KATE AUSTIN) She’s super attractive, and super tough. You’d like to think she’s probably a chick in real life. She pretty much has the guys around her eating out of the palm of her hand but she’s always thinking that they have something against her because she’s a girl. She may react too fast, but she’ll have your back in a fight.

The Joker (HUGO “HURLEY” REYES) He’s everyone’s favorite group member because he’s the funniest. No matter if you’re kicking butt or losing you’re a$$, he’ll find a way to spin it and make it a good time. He’s a good counter-balance to the intense types. The whole guild yells his name when he logs in.

The Loot Whore (JAMES “SAWYER” FORD) This guy is all about the stuff. He’ll ninja you to get it and roll need on everything valuable. You’d like to kick him out of the group, but he’s valuable in a fight. It’s always a struggle to see if you want to put up with his actions less than you need the additional firepower. And once in awhile he redeems himself by being decent.

The Foreign Guy (JIN KWON) He’s from another country and he speaks another language. Most of the time he sorta gets what you mean, but once in awhile the lost in translation thing results in a miscommunication ending with a corpse run. You always feel bad casually chatting with each other because you know this guy doesn’t have the cultural basis to get what you are saying. He’s a committed team member who does his best to help everyone.

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