Wasting Time in Middle-Earth

OK, yeah, I should have been coding… But I realized that my wonderful ShuttlePro v2 is a programmable macro device, and I had yet to tinker with Lord of the Rings Online music…

In my first attempt, I tried to recreate a venerable metal classic. But nobody told me you couldn’t do flats an octave up! Still, it’s… recognizable…

Then in my second attempt, I tried a more ballad-y song by the same band. Unfortunately, I again fell victim to the “no octave-up flats” problem…

So finally, I had to shoot for a song by a band with more hair — this one’s even almost correct!

Now, I’m hooked… Expect regular installments of (more interesting) music clips to come!

About Tachevert

A cofounder of www.WorldIV.com and full-time geek, Tachevert writes about whatever strikes his fancy. Despite the inherent contradiction, he can often be found videogaming or attempting to run.
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