A Crowfall Lookahead

It’s too early to say a lot, but it’s probably time to admit that I’m seriously intrigued by Crowfall, a sandbox-y open-world-y MMORPG under development. It brings some of the SWG band back together, mixes in a little Shadowbane, and all sorts of other goodness. It doesn’t hurt that in the years since SWG while I’ve mostly cast about for a new sandbox in which to play, I’ve met a few of these folks! So I suppose that now I can also admit that I may have Kickstarted the game at a slightly irresponsible level as a result.

I’ll probably pick apart some of the public info as I keep my eye on the development process here. For today, I’m just going to leave it at, I am seriously intrigued by their tagline!

It’s like the unholy love child of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and EVE Online

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