EVE: Nothing to report

I’ve spent a couple of months not doing a lot of active play in EVE; some shipping through high-sec and just a couple of brief dashes into wormhole space. (But that was fun, because it was my first trip to a wormhole!) I avoided Burn Jita 2 primarily by not having time to play that weekend, though I DID read minerbumping.com for something like five straight hours, and I think it’s pretty awesome in that whole “emergent gameplay and also they are funny” way that EVE has.

During these couple of months, I’ve hit a couple of personal milestones! I participated in some actual crafting (mostly shipping components/materials in one direction, and piloting finished ships back to market), bought a few PLEXes, and trained up to fly both a Covert Ops frigate and a Strategic Cruiser. I’ve assembled a cruiser, and next time I have the leisure to peruse going rates on the market, I will have to fit that bad boy up. In keeping with my traditional non-combat theme, I am attempting to trick this ship out to be a nullsec blockade runner, specializing in stealth and speed and not getting bubbled or scrambled. We’ll see how that goes!

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