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eve-freightinI am slowly coming to realize that I play online games pretty much in complete sync with friends. As such, when a number of my friends began playing EVE (and redoubled interest from other friends who were already playing), it was easy to be talked into joining up. Therefore, I have reactivated one account (thanks to a charity PLEX from an eager buddy) and resumed my career as a SPACE TRUCKER. This is where I would love to spin tales of the exciting life of a career freighter in EVE, but I’d be lying. It is very rarely exciting, as I’m spending all of my time freighting through high-sec these days. Pick up stuff. Set Autopilot. Pilot away from Jita. Warp first stargate at 0m. Hit autopilot. Go play another game (or otherwise find something to do) for a couple of hours. Return trip. Repeat. The biggest decision I make is how to split up cargo so that I’m not a very appealing target in terms of ISK value.

But what did get fun? Well, the changes to blockade runners have made things interesting. It’s a rare skillset in my corp, for some reason, and the recent changes that both rendered Orcas incapable of carrying “incognito cargo” AND made blockade runners un-scannable have suddenly made this skill quite valuable. We DO seem to have enough low-volume, high-value goods that it’s worth scuttling about in a cloaky, quick runner. Plus, now I ALWAYS feel like a target in that ship — after all, if nobody can tell whether I’m empty or not, they might always decide to pop me and see. Plus, as best I can tell, the Viator is constructed from balsa wood and tissue paper. So this is fun! Even if nobody actually IS sitting there with an itchy trigger finger, I still perceive that they MIGHT.

eve-peepchatBut what is a bored Space Trucker to do? Well, that might include some conjecture about how everyday items might factor in to EVE life. For instance, if this assertion about the size of a Marshmallow Peep and this one about their rate of manufacture are both true, then it seems a capsuleer with an Obelisk and Freighters V can ship a decade’s worth of Peep production in a single run. Let’s hope the Goons don’t decide to start shipping Diabeetus Missile Boats.

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