Farewell, 2012

It’s been a long, strange year. Like so many other bloggers, I’m now assessing how the last year went while looking toward the next. The result is, as usual, mixed and interesting.


Strangely, this is the simple part this year. Life has interceded and reduced the amount of time I spend gaming, so this has become less of the focal point than it has been in the past. (Yes, 2+ hours a day is cutting down. It’s all relative!) My Star Wars Galaxies guild reformed for SWTOR, levelled up a few characters, started raiding, and slowly disintegrated as we crossed server move after server move. I dabbled in Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, and a host of other online games but none stuck. I still suck at League of Legends. I played the biggies like Diablo 3, and finished the Starcraft 2 single-player campaign a bit late. X-Com was a surprising hit for me. I’m slowly limping along in WoW:Pandas, but without the gusto I’ve had for MMORPG grinding in the past. I liked Mass Effect 3, didn’t think the ending was all that bad, and haven’t found the time to check out the extended ending. And for some reason, I picked up Magic: the Gathering as a new hobby that combines gaming with actually seeing people face-to-face.


I mostly failed at projects this year, as is par for the course. I got scooped on a diabetes app idea — which is fine by me, because the people who built what I wanted to build were way better at it than me. I started and failed at a couple of projects and learned some neat stuff along the way. And I actually “finished” my microcontroller Christmas tree (though of course, I have another half-dozen changes I’d like to make, if only time allowed). This blog is still kicking, if being updated a great deal less often than in the past.


Work stayed on a mostly even keel this year. I transferred from a production role on a game development team to a technical production role on a central technology team. (Also, congrats to that game development team, who released a successful Facebook game after I was gone, and even still gave me a production credit. Classy!) It was nice to have a quiet work year, for once, but I sure hope it doesn’t become a habit…


Life was a great deal less simple this year than it has been in the past. There were downs, such as losing a former boss / mentor / friend to cancer. There were ups, such as seeing good friends get married and completing my first ever 5k race (and then a bunch more). This year had more focus for me than ever before on my health and medical stuff. I underwent jaw surgery in late summer as part of a multi-year corrective orthodontics effort; this project is within months of completion, finally, to which I say, “Wait, you mean chewing was always supposed to be like this?” 2012 also marked my first full year adapting to life with diabetes, which has proven to be a strangely mixed blessing — it’s amazing what learning that you have a chronic health condition can do to provide motivation for living healthy. Since I’m a straight-up Bartle Achiever type, I immediately set a bunch of realistic and not-so-realistic exercise goals, and learned what an amazing amount of time, effort, and money can go in to rebuilding your health when you’ve spent decades aggressively giving healthy living the finger!


It’s hard to predict what’s next. More body-hacking and running — there’s a half-marathon looming in just a few weeks for which I am oh-so-unprepared, and I could still stand to see 10-15 pounds dropped. I’ve long since given up trying to predict work, and will just keep pouring effort in there. I swear I will complete a mobile project of some sort, which is different from the last few years because seriously guys, I mean it this time. My wife is attempting to launch her own business, which promises to be an interesting time.

And I have this funny suspicion there will be games involved, too.

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