And Then, Everything Changed…

After a bit of wrangling, discussing, soul-searching, and whatever else goes along with these actions, your friendly WorldIV writers came to a conclusion. WorldIV had gone entirely out of date. It’s time to reroll!

The Technology

Perhaps this is self-serving, but who uses a desktop computer these days? A significant and growing percentage of time is spent perusing the web on various mobile phones and tablets and the like. To accomodate this, we’ve installed the Skeleton theme, which is one of those fancy newfangled “reactive” layouts. This means that even if you stretch and squash the display by enormous amounts, you should still be able to use and navigate the site.

While at it, a number of plugins, widgets, and the like splattered here and there were grossly out of date in appearance. And content. And behavior. OK, they were just completely neglected. Anyway, supporting widgets have been upgraded and/or exchanged for newer, shinier models with that “new widget smell.”

Hopefully, the end result of all this housekeeping is a cleaner, more modern look. If you’re using RSS or other feeds, you don’t care about any of this. Sorry to use up some of your brain cycles with this completely meaningless update.

The Content

If it isn’t painfully evident that we’re flailing and failing when it comes to producing independent games, then you probably have never read those particular posts. As time has moved on, life has filled up for us and even playing MMORPGs has become a significant accomplishment that must generally be booked days to weeks in advance. Writing games is still a sometimes hobby, but it just plain gets hard to find the time, right? But we still need ways to fill the hours. We’re shifting and widening our material a bit. Expect more general “nerd maker” fare here, ranging from writing to development to various projects, experiments, and contraptions.

And don’t worry, we’re still all gamers and there should be plenty of that talk, too.

About Tachevert

A cofounder of and full-time geek, Tachevert writes about whatever strikes his fancy. Despite the inherent contradiction, he can often be found videogaming or attempting to run.
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