Believe it or not, I didn’t abandon my earlier stories of indy iOS work. I had a vision for my first iOS app of a program near and dear to my heart. You see, when I scanned for diabetes-tracking apps, I found the following scenario.

  • Too expensive.
  • Too many features.
  • Too many clicks and taps to record anything.

I thought this was great. Fertile ground to build my own app and release it. I even connived a friend into helping with the important stuff that met his interests… er, OK, I mean the database layer that I totally didn’t want to write. And so, Sugar Wizard was born. The design goals were to minimize the number of clicks and taps needed to just record glucose readings over time, and then graph them and email those results back to a desired target.

Sugar Wizard early screenie

Sadly, we got scooped by a REAL COMPANY(tm) doing REAL BUSINESS STUFF with the release of iBGStar.

iBGStar Screenie

This app is… well, EXACTLY what I was shooting for. Only with better art, and real developers, and it even interfaces with specific hardware to automatically pull readings. It’s almost creepy how exactly iBGStar matches what I was trying to build. So I started using it, and my fire has gone out for this application; finally, someone has made exactly what I was looking for myself.

Back to the drawing board for me. Also, if you have diabetes, I highly recommend iBGStar for tracking glucose readings (and insulin if you use it), as it does barebones tracking and reporting in exactly the way I would if it were up to me. *grumbles*

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