Farewell, Vineyard

Sadly, Playdom has announced the closing of My Vineyard on Facebook. It’s particularly bittersweet for me, since I worked intensely on this game for its launch. It’s sad to see a project that I was so involved in close, of course; on the other hand, Vineyard ran for 24 months, which is pretty darned good in Facebook-land. My Vineyard had a few features that were unique in the genre. You could hang out in vineyards and chat with people, decoration was more freeform than the grid-based standard that holds until today, the art style was complex and unique, and the game eventually introduced a mostly wide-open player-to-player marketplace for the reselling of game items including coveted “limited edition” decorations.

A screenshot I particularly like from the (admittedly sad and frustrated) My Vineyard termination official thread shows the game being used to construct a political statement. I think that’s an image of the game worth keeping.

Tibetan Vineyards screenshot

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