SWTOR: 2 months in

Emi and I are still playing SWTOR quite regularly. We easily coasted our first characters up to level 50 and began dabbling in end-game content. For me, the winning combination at level 50 was to use Cybertech to craft a bunch of purple armor and mods, then jump into PvP to get the “low-hanging” fruit for a couple weeks of low-impact purple items. Now, my guild has enough folks at 50 to start with hardmodes and… I’ve never seen dungeons so routinely dominated by “is your DPS up to snuff to beat the enrage timer?” This is a new thing to me, so I’m enjoying the variety for now. Meanwhile, I really did enjoy the levelling-up game enough that I’m having fun with a few alts. And I’m considering checking out the Republic side, because the single-player storylines have generally been quite good over in Sithland. The population seems to be dropping, but not precipitously, so SWTOR seems to have some legs yet. Meanwhile, my #1 source of enjoyment is simply that the old SWG guild is still hanging out in SWTOR, and weekends are fun social time!

In “not-really-related” news, I finally cancelled my EVE subscriptions. I love reading about EVE. I love theorizing and strategizing. But I finally realised that I have no plans to really PLAY the game; I can keep strategizing, min-maxing, and hoarding stuff, but in the end, I don’t actually plan to jump in and play. Too bad; I finally got my Crow set up for tackling… PvP would completely grab me, but I’m not in a group that’s set up to engage in PvP and I don’t really have the time to invest to get into such a group.

WoW is still around, but I’ve back-burnered it in favor of SWTOR and then doing other, non-gaming things with my time. I know; that’s almost sacrilege to say. On the other hand, I played and won my first round of LoL in several months…

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