Happy Holidays

No, I haven’t declared a “war on Christmas.” I just like the term “Happy Holidays” more. It flows. And I have a thing for alliteration anyway. Anyway, here’s a pre-holidays post with a couple of random internet grab bag items.

Look, it’s a Cthulu-mas tree!
Cthulu-mas tree

Also, I dug through some of my music archives and found a couple of… unusual songs that I somehow still like almost a decade later.

Coventry Carol of the Bells – a mashup of Coventry Carol and Carol of the Bells. With rock guitar.
Nine Inch Drummer Boy – a very heavy style (not as industrial as I’d do now, but then, I had only a small selection of drum synths back then) on a very light song.

I’ll dribble out a few more holiday songs over the next few days. If I can tear myself away from SWTOR. Possibly with a crowbar.

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