site update 2007-02-13

Just a quickie note here. I’ve upgraded some of the site capabilities, and installed a new, tweaked theme. As was pointed out to me recently, it appears that trackbacks and pingbacks have not been working on the site for some time; I suspect these comments have been being silently murdered by our super-advanced anti-spam technology. That problem appears licked, although we don’t get quite enough pingback traffic for me to be certain! (Yet! :) ) Otherwise, most of the changes have been boring and internal, involving things like performance tuning and updating this and that. Happy reading, and feel free to comment here or email me (email at the bottom of my bio) if you encounter any difficulty.

About Tachevert

A cofounder of and full-time geek, Tachevert writes about whatever strikes his fancy. Despite the inherent contradiction, he can often be found videogaming or attempting to run.
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