One Last Hurrah

Old news … Star Wars Galaxies is closing on December 15th.

I remember discussing the game with friends when it first launched. Some didn’t believe it could work – how could every player be the Jedi. For me, SWG wasn’t about being Luke, or Han. It was about engaging in the Star Wars universe. It let me play one of the myriad nameless characters behind the main characters. You might not think so, but I enjoyed playing the role of moisture farmer from Tatooine.

For me, and many others, SWG was everything we were looking for in a game. “Sandbox” is the usual term thrown about. I like the term “worldy” better: SWG had all the elements to support a social simulation. Players depended upon one another for resources, crafted equipment and support. Skill limits made groups matter, beyond simple cumulative DPS. Players banded together to support guilds and grow towns into cities. The limit of one character per account reinforced relationships.

Let’s not ignore the innovations and uncommon game elements. Macros, camping, automated resource harvesting, surveying, individual vendors, dancing, droids, the pet system and the ultimate crafting system.

I fondly remember Humbaba hunts in the Agrilat Crystal Swamp, organizing and betting on Kaadu races, selling meds in Coronet, helping to build the city of Nar Emiki, dancing in the Blue Hummer, fog-machines, hunting anything avian, great role-play events and a million other things.

Mostly I remember the friends I made or played with in SWG: Age, Nards, Kix, Emide, Eicer, Aiyphat, Rhinokeet, Cael and others. SWG is where I met this blog’s co-author, Tachevert, a friendship that has lasted going on eight years now.

Today I recovered my Station Access accounts. I’m sure the old city of Nar Emiki is gone. I’m not sure what possessions I will have left. But, I’m going to resub for the final few months. I’ll have one last hurrah and a farewell to fond memories.

Her act actually increases your battle fatigue.

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