Five Years!

WorldIV turned five years old last month! Wow, that must officially make blogs old hat, because this was not an early-adopter site!

Life has wedged itself between blogging and ourselves. Tuebit is proceeding through school, and deserves a round of applause! *golf claps ensue* I’m working, trying (and most flopping at) some side projects, and spending some time in the zone with blue ceilings.

What’s changed in the last year?

Day-0 DLC and other tricks to extract money via microtransactions are on the rise. There are also experiments to lock game features to original purchasers and deny customer support, in an attempt to cut down on the resale of games. Penny Arcade said some rude stuff and generated both controversy and support. A couple more AAA MMOs (Everquest 2, Lord of the Rings Online, and Pirates of the Burning Sea) have gone with a Freemium model. Rift has become the most positively-hyped entrant into the AAA MMO market in quite some time. WoW released another expansion of mostly the same high-quality stuff, to mostly the same response as always (and finally beat my 13 million prediction of, uh, a while ago). Social games have made it from “that annoying thing my Mother-in-law does to spam my Facebook wall” to “that annoying thing my Mother-in-law does but everyone in the entire game industry is talking about.” And this year is supposed to see the actual, for-real, release-date-June-14-and-trailers-on-TV launch of Duke Nuke’em Forever.

For us: I’ve blown it on several side projects, but gotten a few entries out of them at least, hooray. And for once, we’ve had very little to say about all of this that wasn’t already said. Tuebit has been busy grinding levels of “Master’s Degree” while I now work for the sort of company that just might care what I say publicly if it’s strongly related to my work.

What’s coming up?

I’ll be playing World of Warcraft for the foreseeable future, though so far, it hasn’t inspired much to say that other people haven’t already said more clearly. With any luck, Tuebit’s workload will lighten and I’ll accomplish enough with a side project to have something to talk about! And even if not, there’ll be at least one post a month, because astonishingly, even while we’ve gone mum, The Google tells us that people still read what we have to say, and we love you guys! And of course, there’s always the chance of some issue charging us up so strongly that we get back to our more-frequent whining and antagonism. Stranger things have happened!

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