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EVE: Starbilly YeehawI’ve hit a milestone with my primary EVE toon… There are no more skills that I feel strongly driven to acquire! He can have hundreds of market sales, pilot the largest freighters and jump freighters, and exploit planets — and I have little interest in the crafting game with its razor-thin margins. So, I’ve generated a new character, “Starbilly Yeehaw.” I went Amarr this time just to get the jump on Amarr ships because, well, I think laserbeam pew-pew looks cool. After a month or two of some basic skill training (Cybernetics and PI, for income!), it’ll be time for some combat!

WoW is proceeding nicely. I’m alternating between playing with coworkers and my wife on my main (75 Worgen warrior tank), soloing with my old main who I’ve server-transferred over to help (71 Night Elf priest), and picking flowers and mining to get my 60 Gnome death knight up to speed for Outland. It’s interesting that I can log 20 minutes in WoW and accomplish something useful these days, largely due to daily quests. Northrend is all new to me; even though I played when Wrath of the Lich King was released, I only played a Death Knight and fell off the wagon about a zone into Outland. Even so, I’m very excited to move on to Cataclysm endgame content!

And of course, I’m still poking and prodding at social and casual games by the bucketload. This week, I’m enjoying Digital Chocolate’s Zombie Lane. Because smacking zombies with shovels is always fun.

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