You’re Still A Loser

If you’re reading this, it’s proof that inflamatory and grossly oversimplified titles attract attention. But that aside for now.

I’ve noticed a couple of articles on New Scientist recently that relate to games.

First, a new study finds that, contrary to previous research, playing video games isn’t predictive of body mass increase in teens (i.e. games don’t make you fat). However, the article concludes that gamers do suffer from lower grades and self esteem (i.e. we’re still losers!).

Even more interesting, is the report of a gestural game that teaches you to make perfect pasta. Now that could lead to body mass increase!

I’m a big fan of the combination of games and learning. I recently had two opportunities to learn strategy and marketing at the MBA level by playing games (more on this another day). The immediate feedback and the mental struggle to understand the game’s mechanic leads to a far deeper understanding of the subject than a lecture, slide deck and reading, in my opinion. Whether this understanding is valuable and correct, may be another story.

– Tuebit

P.S. In case the link to the perfect pasta paper doesn’t work, here’s the reference …

M. Roccetti, G. Marfia, and M. Zanichelli. 2010. The art and craft of making the Tortellino: playing with a digital gesture recognizer for preparing pasta culinary recipes. Comput. Entertain. 8, 4, Article 28 (December 2010), 20 pages. DOI=10.1145/1921141.1921148

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