Humble Indie Bundle 2!

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 is available. Support your indie game devs — there are some real gems in here, and you can name your own price, AND you decide how to split what you do pay between the game devs, EFF and Child’s Play charities, and the Humble Bundle project itself. Plus, they’ve sweetened the deal — pay more than the current average price ($7.43 at the time of this writing), and you get the Humble Indle Bundle 1 as well. Think of it this way — $11 easily buys you 11 quality indie games with this deal. (I paid significantly more than that just for World of Goo. Or Braid. And they were both well worth the price of admission!) And heck, if you’re still looking for last-minute holiday gifts, you can even gift a code to the geek of your choice!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have cells (or are they planets? I can’t tell) to… do whatever it is they’re doing in Osmos.

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