Critical Questions

A demon appears before you. Or perhaps she’s an alien from a far-flung world, or an evolved human from the distant future. The creature explains that it has the power to alter time, space and the fabric of reality. He explains that time and the progression of events is not fixed, but malleable. It offers you a choice.

  • To be sent 10,000 years into the past, to live life until the present day.
  • To be sent 1 year into the past, to live that year, 10,000 times.

In either case, in the event you are killed or substantially damaged, you will be provided with a new body of similar quality.

Which do you choose and why?

Bonus question: You believe that you might be able to negotiate with this omnipotent being to grant you some reasonable advantage in your new life. You worry, though, that if you ask her for too much, he will refuse utterly and cast you back in time. But if you ask for some reasonable accommodation, given the extraordinary nature of what is about to happen, it might be granted. What super-power do you ask for?

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