Grinding AA Points

Sometimes, my brain is about as full of techie stuff as it can digest for a while. At times like this, I like to shake things up by studying… <voice=”spooky”>stuff that isn’t programming!</voice>

This time around, I’m interested in general business stuff. I’m reading a couple of “recent classics” that have been on my list for quite a bit. First up is Good to Great, a writeup contrasting companies (mostly in uninteresting or poorly-performing industries) that managed to completely outshine their competition, supplemented with years of empirical research into what characteristics made them unique from the competition. Thus far, I’m enjoying the read, though I’ll hold judgment on how applicable it is, or how much confidence I have in its conclusions, until I finish. After this book, I plan to move on to First, Break all the Rules, primarily on the recommendation of a friend. With a provocative title like that, I hope to get more insight into exactly which rules it is positive to break… (Oh yeah, ALL of them.)

Which non-techie books would you recommend for ambitious nerds? Are they for everyone, beginners getting their feet under them, or advanced folks looking to grow into seniority?

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