Finally, Some Side Progress

I had a modest challenge, following the last round of coding. I had my “accelerating / velocity” physics mutator working, and now I needed to add a “wrap” flag to it, allowing objects to move from one side to the other. Easy enough, right?

NO, of course not!

First, I managed to distract myself for quite some time rigging a meter to track FPS over time. But, that mission was accomplished eventually! Then I got the wrap mutator working, which was actually pretty easy.

So far, so good. Time for collision checking! This was, surprisingly, almost easy. But then I realized that sure, the traces SAID collisions were happening, but I couldn’t SEE them, so how did I know if they were right? Tappity tappity, now game objects had a “dirty” flag AND were responsible for drawing themselves, contingent on “collided” state. (It’s just a “top-right-triangle-brute-force” kinda thing; I’ll probably have dozens of game objects in a ~900×900 space, so there’s no need to move towards a quadtree or anything fancy.)

Then I broke my build. I don’t know how I did this, but some combination of bad SVN checkin / update / weak SVN-fu completely busted my build. In frustration, I deleted the whole project, checked it back out, manually deleted every built SWF I found, and… all was good with the world again.

In happiness, I added background image loading to the game area, and then a click-to-spawn-game-object handler. Progress is good.

BounceTune 5/31 screenshot
At least it’s getting a little prettier!

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