Twitdown for April 22

I promise we’re not doing what @RRS_ATL warns about.

RT @RavenJon: Ready…1…2…3…Exploit! #facebook

Thanks to @Scopique, now I’m craving my giant walking tanks again!

HAWT DAMN! MekTek announced Free Release of Mechwarrior 4!

I agree, @troygilbert, I’d just as soon keep Flash around, too!

Bravo, bravo, great post –> Why I don’t want Flash to die (and you shouldn’t either)

Is @cbossie telling a tautology, exhibiting irony, or just wasting time?

I should just give up now. My productivity is quite bad. Example: I am tweeting rather than coding. O Fortuna!

Seriously, @braemet, they’re still playing hockey? Isn’t it summer yet?

a 2OT win is pretty sweet. great game bruins!

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