Twitdown for April 13

So I have a confession. I’m not really completely socially inactive online. It’s just that I don’t often have the focused time blocks necessary to blog. What do I DO with all those snatches of 30-60 seconds?

I use Twitter. Of course!

This leads me to an experiment I’d like to try. Think of this as my dailyhandpicked summary!

Congratulations to Triptych!

My latest blog post: Following Your Dreams… where I announce I’m joining the awesome team at

True warning indeed, Laralyn

@bbrathwaite Funny timing. I’m going to be trying out an array to do a sorting algorithm tonight. Beware of designers wielding code

From that weird grey thing in my own skull:

Software engineering is like sex. A lot of people do really dirty things, and you can find almost all of them on the Internet.

Hey, GameSocialist, you ought to blog more.

I can tell it is late and I need sleep. Why? This is the funniest thing ever.

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