The Most Popular Videogame Ever

If you haven’t seen the FarmVille satire ad video circulating lately, you should. It’s funny stuff!

(I’m going to be saying that all day now. FARM VILLE! It’s the price of hefty journalistic investigation, I suppose.)

I’d just never thought about it in these terms until we were chattering in the office last week, but FarmVille has over 75 million users every month. It’s almost certainly the single videogame played by the most people, ever. You can stop pointing to WoW as a success story for simplified gameplay — WoW is to FarmVille as Star Fleet Battles is to WoW. Certainly, it seems that large-scale financial success (in terms of an enormous userbase) is tied to simplicity. (For multimedia cross-reference, please see “Reality TV” and the “Twilight” series of books and film.) Implications of this discovery are left as an exercise for the reader.

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