EVE Journal: A Small Profit

Continuing with my desire to be a Space Trucker, I have acquired and outfitted an Occator as a blockade runner. My friends and I have still not made the leap into a player corporation, but we’ve begun some operations in 0.0 space. It turns out that there are regions of 0.0 that are policed regularly by their owners AND available to all peaceful users — which makes them a tremendous amount safer than 0.1-0.4 space! We routinely go for days on end without seeing player pirates, but I still pilot my Occator primarily into and out of nullsec, on principle.

A friend of mine who takes multiboxing to a level I’ve never seen (I have witnessed him driving NINE mining ships in a fleet) identified an ore that is selling at prices that make no sense. None! I love profiting via arbitrage of strange price discrepancies, but I’ll admit that it makes me nervous now… My calculations indicate that this ore should be selling for around 300 ISK per unit, but we’ve seen (and made) real sales well into the thousands! I’d feel better if I understood why, but for now, we’re assuming that the ore has an intoxicating effect when ground up and snorted.

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