Game Journal: EVE Online, low-sec too early

A couple weeks of great successes with mining and even lowbie combat made my friends and myself far too optimistic about our chances in low-security space. If you were curious, a well-equipped PvP frigate can erase an Iteron Mark IV and its pod in about 20 seconds, give or take.

Explosion from

90 million ISK worth of ship, rigs, and implants is a bitter lesson. We will be confining ourselves to high-sec for the foreseeable future! Errors or bad assumptions we made:

  • We were not valuable enough to kill. Clearly, this was not the case. Leaderboards are sufficient motivation.
  • Lone griefers were not going to be the cause of PvP death. We believed this up until we were podkilled by a single frigate.
  • PvP gangs would give us sufficient warning just by arriving. This was almost true — we just didn’t realize that red-highlighted player was our death, but we certainly would have been able to warp out.

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